Will a gunsmith be needed to install the V6?


No. The V6 can be easily installed and each unit comes with complete instructions. Special tools may be required for the removal of an existing muzzle devise as for the KSG. All units are shipped with a tube of Red Turbo-Lock Threadlocker.

Saiga 12 = 139.95 usd

VEPR 12 = 139.95 USD

Kel-Tec KSG = 139.95 usd

Origin 12 = 139.95 usd

FURY 12 = 139.95 USD

DDI 12 = 139.95 USD

XTR-12 = 139.95 USD

LYNX 12 = 139.95 USD

​Cheetah 12 = 139.95

​SPETZ 12 = 139.95

TAC 47 = 139.95

KUSA KS 12 = 139.95

Komrad 12 = 139.95




watch the V6 Install video for the KSG

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Will the V6 make the weapon louder?


The V6 brake still has all the same forces and decibels as a firearm without the brake attached. The shooter will hear more of the blast as both the gases  and sound is being redirected. Always wear hearing protection when shooting any firearm.

installation OVERVIEW

download the installation instructions here


watch the KSG barrel nut removal video

What types of ammunition can be run through the V6?


The V6 has been tested to run any type of standard ammunition you choose to put through it. Shotgun ammo has a huge selection to choose from and the V6 will work and perform equally with all standard shotgun rounds.

The Finest Most Effective muzzle brake To Ever Hit The Firearms Industry!

Will this design blow back debris towards the shooter?


No. The V6's design does not intrude into the path of passing ammo or debris. The angles are set in such a way, that only the gases are captured and re-directed. Shotgun rounds have a wad which carries the pellets or sabot past the muzzle brake.