Rachael O.

Tested out the Kel-Tec this weekend...IT WAS AWESOME!!!! First we used 1 3/4" birdshot and then we went for the 12g buckshot. Thanks to V6 for helping us get the perfect shotgun accessory for our family! My 11 year old daughter is able to shoot the KSG with No problem using that muzzle brake. We absolutely love it!

Sherry S.

I can't believe how easy my gun was to shoot!! Thank you!! I've never fired a shotgun but it didn't even kick at all with that V6 muzzle. It's a miracle!!

Brody T.

I fired it Friday with military 00 buck, and Winchester defender at 25 ft. She had outstanding results with the V6.

Don r.

The V-6 muzzle brake on my Kel-tec12 goes together like biscuits and gravy! I would not own a shotgun as short as the Kel-tec without a muzzle brake. I'm 5'10 and weigh 225lbs. I've experienced more muzzle jump from a shotgun than I have a rifle. I have a .300 short mag X-bolt that doesn't require a muzzle brake for me. Most of the time I only have to shoot it once to kill deer, or a hog. A shotgun is shot numerous times on most hunts.. recoil reduction and muzzle jump are non-existent when using the V-6.

Paul B.

The reduction in recoil on this thing is truly amazing. I installed the V6 on my bullpup Saiga 12 and took it to South Texas for a shooting weekend with my buddies. Holy cow…it was like shooting a 223. There was a huge reduction in recoil and no muzzle flip at all. This thing was the star of the weekend. I barely got to shoot my own gun, LOL. Expect about 10 calls from my friends!

Bill D.

When a friend mentioned this new killer muzzle brake had been developed, I was anxiously waiting to try it out. Well, I wasn't disappointed! We installed the V6 on my Origin 12, and not only did it cut down on the recoil, the muzzle rise was virtually non-existent.  Truly a revolutionary & well thought-out design! Can't wait to install one on my Saiga 12!

Patrick  J.

The v6 on a KSG makes it feel like a .410! I ran a ton of rounds through a KSG, Saiga and a VEPR 12 the other day, all fitted with the v6... and they all had incredibly reduced recoil and rise... this brake is stupid good! And I think the aluminum model will be considerably lighter... but really the steel one isn't too weighty to me.

Dale V.

The V6 muzzle Brake is so ridiculously effective, that I put 120 rounds through the KSG yesterday. With my Remington, I am usually done after 6 shots!

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Scott M.

#1 Reason typical shooters don't shoot more often is because the recoil makes it painful to shoot more often. With the V6, you can shoot all day with no problem at all. My friend's 11 year old daughter can shoot his KSG with the V6 on it, unbelievable!

Paul h.

I am sure you've heard this before, but this is on of the more exciting innovations I have seen in recent years, so I am really looking forward to new caliber releases

David F.

I shot my VEPR 12 both with and without the V6 muzzle brake. Without a doubt, the  brake made a noticeable  difference, drastically reducing recoil and helping to keep the muzzle flat. Follow up shots were much quicker with the V6 installed.

Andrew B.

Just installed the V6 onto my Saiga 12. Had a generic flash hider before. UNBELIEVABLE difference! Been shooting shotguns all my adult life and have never been so impressed with an accessory like this thing. Instant fan. Can't wait to get my XTR-12 in because the V6 is going on it first thing. Thanks for a great product that actually does as it is advertised!

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V6 Testimonials From Our Valued Customers

Jason W.

Purchased one of these for my KSG. It's actually amazing how much the recoil is reduced! My buddy has the same KSG without the V6 muzzle brake. Shooting the two is like night and day. High brass buckshot with very little recoil!

Darrin C.

Well…I must admit I was skeptical about the claim made on about the V6 and its reduction of muzzle rise. My VEPR 12 jumps up like a bucking bronco about to leave the stall. However, the V6 brake completely tamed that beast. I was shooting 00 buck and AccuTip 385gr sabot slugs…NO bucking at all. I was able to keep the beast almost perfectly flat for follow-up shots that stayed right on target. You guys are on to something!

John W.

Pretty freaking sick. I'm gonna need to pick one up, damn KSG is a beating to shoot, looks like it takes care of most of the recoil.